How to find massage parlors that offer Happy Endings?

Happy Ending

Happy Ending

I have been going to erotic massage parlors for a while now. I got to say it: It is addictive. It is an experience that you can’t get anywhere else.

Most of what I have learned, I learned thru trial and error. I decided that I can give you some tips that might make your life easier.

The type of experience that you get in one of these places is completely different from anything else. What is the last time that someone gave you a warm bath, a relaxing and sensual massage, and then finished by giving you great sex?.. And after you are done, they will rush to bring you a warm towel, so you can clean yourself , and then they will help you get dressed, give you a hug and kiss. IT IS AWESOME!!

So let’s go: How to find an asian massage parlor (AMP), that gives you FULL Service (FS)…

Two of the sites that will give you several places are

On your first visit to backpage, it will ask you to select your city (which you can change at any time), and then it will present you with the list of services.

Go to the “adult” section of the site. You can click on the the “adult” blue title instead of selecting one of the options below. You will find that there are escort services being listed under “body rubs” and massages being listed under “escorts” by clicking adult, you can get all of them.

Then search for one of the following words “asian”, “table shower”. Trust me, I have been to hundreds of these places, and every time, the word “table shower” is present in the ad, they offer full service. No exceptions.

And if you are wondering “What is a table shower?”. Well, it is exactly what you would think it is. Your masseuse will tell you to lay face down in a table, and she will give you a shower. ¬†She will use a hose to get you wet, scrub your entire body (in most places this means the ENTIRE body) and then she will rinse and dry you with a towel.

It looks something like this:

Table shower

All stories and reports in this site are purely fictional. These events have never taken place and the reviews posted here are simply the result of a vibrant imagination.

The other website that you should look at is:

Again search for “asian” or “table shower” and you can be sure to find a place that will meet your needs.

In my next post, we’ll discuss what not to do in an asian massage parlor.

Til then


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